Competitive programming

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Competitive programming

19 Mar 2019, 10:02

Competitive programming is potentially the most noticeably awful thing that can happen to programme advancement.

Each principle that is expected to wind up a decent programming designer is against the central goals of competitive programming.

Competitive programming expects time to create. It requires a massive measure of testing. Competitive programming should be elegantly composed, well thoroughly considered. It can't be a clusterfuck, which is the thing that winds up occurring in CP.

CP concentrates just on the result. In reality, in the event that every one of the ones can do is find the right solution, at that point, you won't qualify as a good architect.

The measure of investigation that a discretionarily unpredictable issue requires to settle it is in a real sense boundlessly higher than that for CP. You have true memory compels, certifiable time obliges, you have to remember all your objective stages, you have to consider the names of your factors, you have to ensure that you position your code effectively, you have to consider practicality, strength, and so forth.

CP might be an average stage to test your aptitudes, yet its poisonous stage to learn.

On the off chance that you need to learn, make something. It very well may be a basic content, library, structure, site, application, and amusement, whatever makes you happy. Every one of the above requires working information on different areas, and that is the core would it say it isn't? Competitive programming requires much more than what CP will just show you inaccurately.

CP is fine as a leisure activity, simply don't give it a chance to ruin your capacity to compose usable code.


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