RewriteCond/RewriteRule blues

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RewriteCond/RewriteRule blues

20 May 2018, 09:20

I have an internal server http://munin.lan which I want to reach from outside the lan using the address

I have therefore written the following:

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# if the user is trying to reach the munin server, redirect to munin.lan
   RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /munin [nocase]
   RewriteRule ^(http|https)://(*?)) http://munin.lan [nocase, P, L]

# for all other cases, apply the following rule
   RewriteRule (.*)$ http://haus.lan/$1 [nocase, P, last]

That, however, does not work. The log says:

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 RewriteCond: input='/munin' pattern='/munin' => matched
 forcing proxy-throughput with http://haus.lan/munin
 go-ahead with proxy request http://haus.lan/munin [OK]
 Rewrite URL to >> /muninx.rwhlp?p=0
 rewrite 'munin' -> '/muninx.rwhlp?p=0'
 internal redirect with /muninx.rwhlp?p=0 [INTERNAL REDIRECT]

What am I doing that is wrong?

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