Running Ruby app under domain account?

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Running Ruby app under domain account?

21 Jan 2014, 23:04

Hey Guys,

I can't for the life of me worked out how to change the account under which my Helicon Zoo hosted Ruby app runs. Ruby currently reports the username as being `MISC01$` which I assume is some kind of IIS default user; MISC01 is the hostname. I've changed the Application Pool identity and the "Connect as" attribute of the actual application in IIS. Neither of which seemed to have changed the user account that my Ruby app runs as.

Also, I'm wondering if it's possible to run the application in the context of the authenticated domain account. For example, I know classic ASP use to allow this, and ASP.NET has user impersonation. Anything similar for Helicon Zoo?

Any help is much appreciated.


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Re: Running Ruby app under domain account?

23 Jan 2014, 06:18

Hello, Tom

In app pool settings select the user you want it to work with. Then make sure that w3wp.exe is also running under the same user and Ruby app will inherit this context. We don't have any other settings for that.

Impersonation is somewhat different: it's when specific user request that underwent authentication is handled on behalf of this user and not IIS process. We don't have such functionality. It is only available in PHP for Fast-CGI.

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Re: Running Ruby app under domain account?

13 Jun 2017, 07:03

Despite the fact that most Windows applications keep running in the security setting of the client who begins them, this is not valid for administrations. Numerous Windows administrations, for example, system and printing administrations, are propelled by the administration controller when you begin your PC (see Administrations keep on running after the last human client logs off. Administrations need to sign on utilizing records to get to area assets similarly as human clients and Windows XP Professional–based PCs do.

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