Windows 2012 IIS Redmine manual installation error.

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Windows 2012 IIS Redmine manual installation error.

05 May 2015, 10:11

Hi all..

I'm trying to follow instructions for "Manual Installation" in ... roduction/.

I've copied my custom redmine to the root directory for my IIS app. So after renaming deploy_sample.rb file from Zoo Ruby project template to deploy.rb, I browse to my site, but get this error:

Helicon Zoo module has caught up an error. Please see the details below.
Worker Status
The process was created
Windows error
Ha terminado la canalización. (ERROR CODE: 109)
Internal module error
message: Application backend read Error. type: ZooException file: App\Jobs\JobBase.cpp line: 531 version:
[tid-5532036] Couldn't run bundler/setup: cannot load such file -- bundler/setup (String) [tid-5532036] cannot load such file -- rack (LoadError) C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/lib/app.rb:84:in `eval' C:/Ruby19/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `require' (eval):1:in `assure_rack' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/lib/app.rb:84:in `eval' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/lib/app.rb:84:in `assure_rack' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/lib/app.rb:23:in `build_app' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/lib/app.rb:16:in `initialize' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/lib/worker.rb:4:in `new' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/lib/worker.rb:4:in `initialize' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/zoorack.rb:30:in `new' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/zoorack.rb:30:in `<module:Zack>' C:/Zoo/Workers/ruby/zoorack.rb:12:in `<main>'

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks

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Re: Windows 2012 IIS Redmine manual installation error.

07 May 2015, 07:43


Sorry for inconvenience. The error seems to be related to Ruby and Redmine itself. Currently we cannot provide support on Ruby code. Please try to ask your question to Ruby related forums. The actual error text is in the STDERR section.

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Re: Windows 2012 IIS Redmine manual installation error.

11 Apr 2017, 15:18

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Re: Windows 2012 IIS Redmine manual installation error.

11 Jun 2017, 08:59

Its been now very easy to capture screenshot on any device using this screen capture windows 10 online guide which really helped me well and maybe to you too.

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