dispatch.fcg reference?

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dispatch.fcg reference?

13 Nov 2015, 15:08

Sorry if this is a repost. It looked like something didn't post.

I am trying to get a rails/ruby app running on IIS using Zoo. I am getting a 'not found' error when I try to access a page of my app such as /home. I can access the same page through webbric.

I can see the contents of a text file.

I looked at my applicationHost.config file and saw a line of

<application fullPath="C:\Ruby200\bin\ruby.exe" arguments="C:\inetpub\wwwroot\apps\researchlibrary\dispatch.fcg" />

1. I thought that the file should be dispatch.fcg
2. I searched my project and didn't find any files named dispatch.

Is that line correct?

should I be seeing dispatch.fci or dispatch.fcgi somewhere in my project? If so, How can I install that on my current project?



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Re: dispatch.fcg reference?

17 Nov 2015, 08:48


File 'dispatch.fcg' same as '<application/>' tag is not a part of Helicon Zoo or it's technology. Seems like you are trying to configure some Microsoft provided solution to run Rails, not related to Zoo.

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Re: dispatch.fcg reference?

27 Apr 2017, 15:03

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