mod_antibot config

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mod_antibot config

24 Oct 2018, 13:06


I have a wordpress multisite installation with approx 50 sub-domain sites. I use a cache plugin to help minimize db calls and I use a plugin to track 404s and then I manually create redirects. Typically, this requires a few redirects to be created in a month. However, over the last month the number of 404 requests have gone crazy to the point that it appears to be an attack; approximately 5K per sub-domain per day. I've had to create server level redirects for the more common ones to try to keep my server from overloading. Unfortunately, the majority of the URLs don't have a perceptible pattern to match other than the fact that they result in a 404.

Does the mod_antibot have a configuration that could be used for blocking users or IPs with multiple 404 requests? Any other suggestions that you would recommend to help alleviate this type of attack?


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