Questions, Answers + Comments content system
• Askbot enables focused discussions in the structured Question and Answer format.
• Best answers are shown first (Reputation & Voting)
• All questions and answers are editable - so they can be improved.
• Entire history of edits is preserved and can be seen at any time.
• Comments under questions and answers allow free follow-up discussions.
Reputation system and Voting
• Reputation (a.k.a. karma), is given to users as approval of their posts.
• Karma grows when users upvote the person's posts and shrinks on the downvotes.
• Votes identify best content, while karma system system spotlights experts and motivates users to give their best.
• User privileges grow along with their reputation.
• Users karma can be publicly visible, shown only to owners or entirely hidden - that's up to you.
Email integration
• Users can receive notifications about new posts and modifications.
• Also, users can decide how often to receive them: instantly, once a day or weekly.

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Version: latest-stable · Updated: 05/03/2013 · 15 Kb

To proceed with installation you need to install Web Platform Installer first and add Helicon Zoo Feed.

Check Installation instructions to find how to configure Web Platform Installer and Helicon Zoo now. Or click Launch WebPI button if you have it all set already.

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