Java Hosting Package

Java Hosting Package

Install this package to enable hosting of Java applications as IIS web sites. It allows hosting Java Servlets (JARs), complete J2EE application archives (WARs) as well as simple JSP files with IIS.
The package includes:
- Helicon Zoo Module (either for IIS or IIS Express)
- Jetty 7
- Jetty 8

Java 7 JDK must be installed manually before installing this package. Since Oracle now prohibit direct download of Java packages it can't be included in this repository.
After installing this package you will be able to install various Java applications form Helicon Zoo application gallery, as well as create your own web sites with Java applications.

Install More information · Publisher: Helicon Tech · License Agreement · Direct download
Version: 3 · Updated: 11/06/2012

To proceed with installation you need to install Web Platform Installer first and add Helicon Zoo Feed.

Check Installation instructions to find how to configure Web Platform Installer and Helicon Zoo now. Or click Launch WebPI button if you have it all set already.

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